Chimical Reaction

  • Chimical Reaction
  • The chimical reaction can be modelised by the folloween equation :

    C6H6 + 7,5 O2 --> 6 CO2 + 3 H2O

    But the mixture contain also nitrogene (N2) witch is one of the air components. But this speice dont react with the other speices.

    Note that in this case there is only one reaction. But Fluent/Uns can include several ractions for the same mixture.

    The reaction start with these initial composition in terms of mass fractions :

    O2 : 0.8 , C6H6 : 0.2

    and the mass fractions of the other speices are set to be equal to 0.

    The mixture is put in a recipient in aluminum.

  • Description of the experience
  • the recipient is a a box in aluminum. The geometric shape is a scare with one meter for each side.

    It contain three open doors :

    two for inlet speices, respectively situated in the left and the right side.

    one on the top for outlet speices.

  • Initial conditions
  • for all combustion reactions, the starting needs a high activation energy. to reach this energy we can for example put a relatively hight tempreture.

    In this experience the initial temperature have been set at 800 kelvin. Witch is hight Temperature but quit normal in combustion reactions.

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