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Internet Software Guide for Engineers

I-1 . Description

The aim of this this is to list different kind of links. It is divided in 8 parts :

Part 1

Engineering and scientific books

A list of publishers and on-line catalogues.

Part 2

Numerical methods, pascal and fortran

Numerical resources around the world. Some usefull source code can be downloaded from this page.

Part 3

Object oriented programming languages

A list of programming resources for visual basic, delphi, java and javascript.

Part 4

Environmental software

This homepage has some usefull public domain environmental software packages

Part 5

Hydraulics and hydrology software

Hydraulics and hydrology software homepage

Part 6

Microsoft excel 97 and vba


Part 7

Software archives and search engines


Part 8

Software links

Internet links specialized in software. The categories are, mainly, hydraulics, hydrology and environmental Software.

Parts 1, 2, 3, and 6 are not in accordance with this task. Thus they won't be described more precisly. Moreover there are two difficulties in this seek :

With part 4 , a large selection of geological, hydrological, chemical software is done through 18 links. None of them run under Unix platforms. In the part 5, in 29 web sites, only 1 freeware is freely available for Unix platforms :

  • Download :

WXTide32 ( 905 Kb )

  • Description :

X-tides is an harmonic tide clock and tide predictor.
For details, see :
1. Introduction
2 . System requirements

  • Homepage :


 In part 7, the search engines availble from the page are :

But actually plenty of web sites are specilized in search engines. To my mind, the page is not very usefull. Finally, part 8 list about 80 software links !


II-2 . Conclusion

This web site is a only a list of links with short description. Consequently, it is very difficult to look for something . It could be very interresting for finding environmental softwares running under Windows platforms.