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Numerical Objects AS

III-1 . Description

The main part of this site is dedicated to Diffpack from where you have access to all downloadable items, including software and documentation, from our web server.

Diffpack 2.7.9 for Windows NT/95.
This page gives access to a test version of the Diffpack Development Framework for Windows as well as demo applications and documentation.

Diffpack 1.4 Public Access Version for Unix.
This page gives access to the source code of the public access version for Unix. It can only be used for purely academic research.

You will here get access to the Diffpack User's Guide, the Numerical Objects Report Series as well as other reports.

  III-2 . Conclusion

This site enables us to acces to Diffpack which seems to be be very interresting. Consequently Diffpack is introduced in the next chapter.