Study of a case

We have study a case to discover the new features of Fluent. The case, we have chosen, is a 3D film cooling. It's a process that is used to protect turbine vanes in a gas turbine engine from exposure to hot combution gases. The interest of the case is the use of a hybrid grid: we are going to merge hexahedral and tetrahedral mesh. The two grids are picked from the tutorial.

The first step to build the case has been to merge the meshes. To do this, you have to run Tgrid, load the hexahedral and the tetrahedral mesh files. Then save them in a new merged mesh file. Exit Tgrid and run Fluent 3d. Read the merged mesh file and check it. Now, you have to make the grid interface. Select: Define->Grid interface...

Select the interface zones (1 and 2). Enter the name of the grid interface and click Create. The hybrid grid is created:

The hybrid mesh

Then the computation could be launch. The results are plotted below: