The complexity of the problems in Physiques sciences oblige the Engineers to use different complimentary modes of works. In order to give some solutions of this problems, there is two ways: Experimental way and numerical way.

The experimental way is not always the best to analyze and understand the physics phenomena. It depend on the possibilities to measure the physics variables and on the efficacy of measure instruments and there costs. The numerical ways remain always acceptable, fast and effective to resolve the mathematics model in a lot of cases.

In porous media , the equations to solve don't have analytical solution. The numerical ways are used to calculate different parameter of flow in order to take decision in the industries.

ECLIPSE is a fully-implicit, three dimensional, general purpose black oil simulator with gas condensate options. The program is written in FORTRAN77 and operates on any computer with an ANSI standard FORTRAN77 compiler and either virtual storage or sufficient real storage.

ECLIPSE can be used to simulate 1, 2 or 3 phase systems. Two phase options (oil/water, oil/gas,

gas/water) are solved as two component systems saving both computer storage and computer time. In addition to gas dissolving in oil (variable bubble point pressure or gas/oil ratio).

 The objective of the present task is to simulate a simples cases of flow in porous media.

First case: monodimensional.

Second case: bidimensional.