Binomial's pilot study
Cécile Borras & Delphine Cayrol

I - Introduction
II - Tasks and work plan
III. Conclusion


I - Introduction

The outlines of our project is stuctured such a plan in order to define clearly the framework of our study. Our part is to bring in a more general context the other binomials' studies and to synthesize it.
Our first part is devoted to a historical study of the St Jean-de-Luz bery and its coastal constructions in order to understand why we could formerly find beautiful waves.
The second part is dedicated to the industrial sight of this project and especially to a feasibility sudy.
The last part will be based on environmental and socioeconomic factors considerations.

All along this project, we will try to follow the studying lines of the Cables site (Australia).

II - Tasks and work plan


1 - History of the coastal constructions in the bay of St-Jean-de-Luz

a - The origin of dikes

b - The construction of dikes



2 - Feasibility sudy

a - Synthesis of the conclusions of the other binomials study.

b - Technical means needed

c- Estimation of the cost

d - Durability of the reef

e - Acces and laying-out of the site



3 - Impact studies

a - Environmental impacts

Fauna and flora,

Circulation of pollutants in the bay ( TELEMAC 2D).

b - Economical impacts

Fishing, surf , scubadiving

Local development .


III. Conclusion

The conclusion will reflect the work done by the group with an industrial and applied added aspect. We hope it will come up to short of the SEPA's considerations.