1- Rayleigh Benard convection theory

        1.1. Rayleigh Benard Theory
        1.2. Critical Rayleigh number
        1.3. Grid
        1.4. Number of rolls

2- Theorical convection in the mantle

        2.1. Structure of the earth
        2.2. Slab tectonic
        2.3. The two zones of the mantle
        2.4. The theory of convection in the mantle
        2.5. Consequences of the convection movements

3-Simulation in the mantle

        3.1. Critical Rayleigh number in the mantle
        3.2. Grid size and viscosity
        3.3. Simulation: one roll

4- Generation of the Rayleigh Benard Instability with a viscosity gradient

        4.1. Rayleigh Number
        4.2. Viscosity Gradient
        4.3. Temperature initialisation

5- Generation of the two levels of convection