Checking of the fields for the 5 fluids
The aim of this part will be to verify the results given by literature for velocity and temperature fields in a steady case. So flows are assumed as established in this chapter.
- Fluid1

- Fluid2

- Fluid3

- Fluid4

- Fluid5

For each fluid X-velocity, Y-velocity and velocity vectors are given to describe the velocity field. Then the general temperature and a function called Tmax.
Tmax definition
Tmax is defined as the difference of the general temperature field obtained after calculations and the virtual temperature field that would happen if the gradient of temperature was linear and stable. So for the current used geometry Tmax is defined as: Tmax= T - ( (T1-T2)y/a + T2)
So, here:
Tmax= T -( -0.5 y/0.01+300.5)

This function is quiet interesting because it shows the fluctuation and the place where it happens.