Strange attractors, as we'll see it, are a link between the chaos and the fractals. From a dynamic point of view, there are  chaotics and from a geometric point of view, there are fractals. Four sort of attractor exist [ cf fig 1], and the Henon's attractor belongs to the fourth category. An attractor is  loosely an itered function, all of whose points remain within a close interval. That is to say, starting with a function and some initial value, determine the value of the function at that initial value, plug it back into the function to find the next input value. As a simple example, consider the function f(x)=x^2  with the restriction x=[0,1].  in that case, all iterates of the function are attracted to a single point, namely, zero.
          A strange attractor, such as Henon's attractor, is an attractor with a non-integer dimension (so-called fractal dimension). So, the aim of this
work is to write programs, using the software "Matlab", in order to study some strange properties of that attractor .

       fig 1 : the four sort of attractor

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