Equation solvers

Chosen scheme
Runge-Kutta scheme
Explicit Euler scheme

2D Graphs

Simple Pendulum : Phase graph (q, w)
Damped Pendulum : Phase graph (q, w)

3D Graphs

Phase graph with amplitude of the driving force (q, w, b)
Phase graph with the excitation pulsation (q, w, wf)

Comparaison between shemes

Phase and time
Time step
All these programs can be used alone or with the main program.

In this you case, you can choose your program has shown below :

For each program you just have to enter the coefficients of the equation (drag coefficient, forced amplitude and pulsation), the duration and the time step, and the initial conditions.


The applet may be downloaded for noncommercial use by students and faculty at accredited not-for-profit educational institutions. . To put it in a web page, you just have to keep the zip file in a folder and look at the source code of this page.