For the 3D cases, it is kind of easy as Gambit proposes a mesh fitted to the geometry. If you need help on this particular point, please refer to the 3D exemples of the Gambit2 manual. In the following we just focus on first approach of a simple mesh in 2D.

Click on the Mesh button  in the Operation Toolpad. It opens the Mesh subpad below, in which you choose how you prefer to mesh (surface, volume, ...).


You have a lot of possibilities depending on your geometry.

  Indeed, if your geometry is perfectly adapted to a cartesian type of mesh (here we mean a rectangular geometry for example), it is very  easy to mesh the model using the option Face.
  • Pick the face you want to mesh in the Face list.
  • Choose the elements type : Quad, Tri or both.
  • Choose the spacing between two nodes (the mesh must be regular but you can adapt it after)
  • Make Apply.
  • You will obtain mesh like the following one :

In some cases, you can choose to first mesh an edge of a volume and then to adapt the rest of the mesh to the way you meshed this edge. To illustrate this, we can consider an elbow. As you can, you first mesh the outer line (which is by the way divided into three parts in order to define an irregular mesh). Then, to mesh all this zone, just click on Mesh-Face-Mesh Faces, select the different options of your mesh and select the surface between the two edges. Gambit will calculate the number of pointson the inner bend of the mixing elbow.


Two interesting options that we let you discover by yourself:

  This option allows the user to increase the number of nodes near a wall or in a boundary layer.

  This option allows you to move a specific node of the mesh (to select a point, use shift+left mouse button).

A lot of interesting options are also availlable. We can't describe them all here, specially as Gambit is very convenient and easy to discover on your own...

Notice that you can create unstructured meshes by choosing  the option Tri in the elements definition. In this case, you can use the options described above too.