What you need to start a simulation with TACITE


In any case one need 9 user defined files in the standart directory to start TACITE computation. Firstly one define the simulation generic name . We use SimName as the example generic name.
These files are :

SimName     : Specifies to tacite code the simulation generic name, SimName.* files, and inculdes some comment lines from user.

SimName.GEO  : Describe flow device and equipements such as valves or pumps dimensions and metric caracteristics.

SimName.TOP : Define the topological survey of the flow device in term of cumulative lengh and absolute elevation.

SimName.MSH : Define the discretization of the flow device as a function of cumulative length.

SimName.PVT : Contain thermodynamic properties of the fluids.

SimName.SCE : Define the time dependant scenario. That is the boundary conditions and characteristics of the operations that cause transient flow. e.g. t=10 ->50% opening valve 1, t=20 ->set the source 1 mass flow rate to 2 kg/s etc.

SimName.THE : Contain the thermal properties of the flow device like temperature and insulation

SimName.STO : Define the results storage specifications : Frequency and type. Set the type to ASCII to operate data structure modification to allow post processing and visualization.

TACITE.JOB :This file is almost a clone of the SimName file.

One might check the compatibility between files before start a run. In any case TACITE will return errors messages