Restart a computation



To restart a previous simulation, some files have to be in the standard  directory. If the user did not remove any file no problems may occur.
These files are :
TACITE.JOB     TACITE.PVT     TACITE.STA     TACITE.TRA     SimName.JNB     SimName   SimName.GEO   SimName.MSH  SimName.PVTSimName.SCE  SimName.STO  SimName.THE    SimName.TOP
and the files from wich restart  :
SimName_#.RTT     SimName_#   SimName_#.GEO   SimName_#.MSH  SimName_#.PVT    SimName_#.SCE  SimName_#.STO  SimName_#.THE    SimName_#.TOP.

Keep in mind that     TACITE.PVT     TACITE.STA     TACITE.TRA     files contain data of the last compuation permitting to TACITE a restart copmutation.  The SimName_#.RTT  file is a concatenation of these files and so a restart is always possible even if TACITE.* files are not archieved.


Some modifications to SimName.SCE file have to be done.

1- Replace the STABILIZE= statement by  RESTART=SimName_#
2- Increase the STOPTIME as     STOPTIME= old_stoptime+restart_time.
3- Append the scenario. The appenended events have to be coherent with the new  STOPTIME i.e. not to happen after STOPTIME.
4- To run the restart type :  tacite.out SimName
5- The screen must display time increasing from old_stoptime
6- The results and parametric file are created as SimName_# +1.*       Output data management