AVBP code was developed at CERFACS in order to solve Navier-Stockes compressible bi and tridimensional equations with different mesh kinds ; structured, unstructured and hybrid. Based on the parallel COUPL library, the soft uses a number of processors or machines specified by the user.



The main purposes of this BES are :

        - To be familiar with using AVBP code,
        - To practice parallel computations with an industrial code,
        - To acquire the numerical necessary reflexes allowing to simulate
           physical phenomena, through test cases,
        - To be able to perform a fluid mechanics numerical simulation autonomly.

In order to carry out tasks decribed above, we first studied a test case (BUMP), then we dealt with two aircraft wing profiles; AIRFOIL NACA12 and AIRFOIL A.


These tests were done in order to get used to using AVBP (modifing the run.dat file), and the postprocessors used (xmgr for the convergence history, dplot for 2d flow visualisations. Only a few iterations were realized (the simulation was not converged), the numerical values being here of little importance.