IV.   Flood case.

The aim of this MCIPB is the simulation of a flood.
The flood in the first river (the bigger one) increases untill 2500 m3/s against 1000 m3/s for the second river.
The mass flow profile is the following one :


The current version of TELEMAC is unable to simulate this view of mass flow.
A Fortran program have to be created in order to simulate the flood.
At the end of the princi.f file, we wrote consequently this short program.

In order to have good boundary conditions, we started the simulation with the without flood results file called restart file.
The flood is consequently computed after only 200 s because it is useless to simulate 1h with 10 m3/s.
The simulation lasted about 16 h.

Simulation results
The following picture shows the water hight in the valley

We notice that the river is quiet, there is no flood yet.


The flood begins and the water is higher in the shortest valley.


The flood of the little valley arrives in the junction whereas the others flood are going down the biggest valley.


The flood in the biggest valley is more important than in the shortest one. This flood is now in the main valley.


Both floods met in the junction.


The flood is going to get out of the valley, but it is still high in the biggest valley.


    - It is difficult to have the bright beginning of the flood
    - There is a difference between the beginning flood inposed and the computed one.
        Indeed, the flood had to begin after 20 000 s and not still 40 000 s.
    - We do not have the end of the flood because of the former analysis
        The following picture shows the water height in the center of the biggest valley.
        x=-1000 and y=23500

         The water height begun to decrease as expected.

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