The aim of this work is to compute a free surface flow using the TELEMAC2D  module of the TELEMAC
software.  This study, even if the problem is simplified, should allow us to understand the recent floods in the
south of France.
      The following graph describes the geometry and the conditions on the boundaries :

      The diagrammatic zone is 30 km long (y axis=[0,30]) and 2 km wide (x axis=[-1,1]). We consider a flow rate of 300 m3/s at the inflow and
1350 m3/s  for the  two lateral frontiers. At least, the outflow is an open boundary and we got results for two different boundary conditions.
      We propose in this report a manual which is designed to help any future user in starting using the the software suite composed by MATISSE, TELEMAC 2D and RUBENS.