There is no need to talk about the importance of studying wings for the industrial world. Some final remarks can be done about this work.
First about the calculations. It was quiet easy to obtain results for the coarse grid. But as soon as the grid is more refined, calculations become very long even if several computers work. So a first problem that is encountered is a matter of time and computationnal power. The more sharp the grid is, the more calculations will last.
Secondly, the main part of the study was done for Euler equations system, in other words for a non-viscous fluid. It was proved in the report that unhooking happens later with the Euler equations than with the Navier-Stockes equations.  So differences are not negligeable between both systems. And again this is a matter of CPU-time.

But anyway human being succeeded in flying thanks to perfect fluid concept. So it should not be a bad idea.