1.   Presentation.

   The main target of this study is to handle the fluid dynamic code Star CD. The tutorial takes the exemple of a two-dimensional flow in a labyrinth. The labyrinth consists of a space enclosed by walls with one inlet, one outlet and four baffles (zero-thickness solid cells). The fluid within the labyrinth is air and its physical properties are :
Molecular viscosity
Pa s
Specific heat
J/kg K
Thermal conductivity
W/m K

Air at standard pressure and temperature (1 bar and 293K) enters the labyrinth with a velocity of 0.02 cm/s in the laminar case and of 2 m/s in the turbulent case. The total mass entering the labyrinth exists through the outlet. The flow is assumed to be two-dimensional, with constant fluid density, viscosity and temperature in the third part of the study. The influence of temperature is studied in the fourth part of this report.

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