2.   Creation of the mesh.

    The studied labyrinth is composed of two parts (one square and one rectangle). Four walls are added to the main part of the geometry to create the labyrinth and to complicate the traffic of the flow.


The two-dimensional simulation implies that the mesh is one cell thick in the direction normal to the plane of analysis. This necessitates the definition of the symmetry planes on either side of the main cells.

The first step of the creation of the mesh is to define the two parts of the geometry (the two rectangles), then to mesh each part and merge the two meshes :


The mesh is complete but the baffles are still to be defined. The option add baffles allows to select the cells of each baffle, it is necessary to choose a good view to set them efficiently. It gives :


The mesh is now ready to be used with the laminar and turbulent cases.

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