V. Exporting animations with STARCD

    It is relatively easy to make animations with STARCD, but there is no simple way to export it. Effectively, there is no export menu or window and STARCD doesn't recognize the usual animation formats like mpeg, animated gif or animated jpeg. The only way to export an animation is to save separetely each picture of the animation and to use an external tool to create the animation.
    Here, we exported the pictures as gif  images and then, with the precious help of A. Stoukov, we created animated gifs.
    To export a series of gif images, the method is :

    The scdu instruction generates a series of gif images which names are 'name'xxxxxx.gif where name is the name of the STARCD case used and XXXX reprensents the numero of the image, here it starts at 1000 (see the scdu instruction).