V. Conclusion

        This study has allowed us to work on mobile mesh, which can be usefull in many cases. Indeed, we have made until now lot of simulations on domains with fixed geometry and we were unable to treat some cases, when, for example, one of the boundary of the domain was mobile. Moreover, this moving mesh technic was applied to an engine cylinder, which is a very interressant field of research.
        However, one needs to write a lot of command lines to obtain this results, which is very long and quite desagreable. Moreover, this command lines are writen in the `Star-cd language' and it is not always easy to understand. Therefore, it was quite hard to modify the file we had to treat other cases.
        One can finally notice that PROSTAR provide a powerful means of visualising results, with its animation commands. This is very efficient, especially to visualise transient results. It allows us to visualise and to understand very well the transient phenomena happening during the simulation. mmmm