Sylvie Champeaux (mfn03) and Jerome Sarraille (mfn15)


Slide show for the Educational Methods Commission

The aim of this task was to present the numerical fluid mechanics option (MFN) for the Educational Methods Commission that will take place at ENSEEIHT on the 3rd of Februar 2000. 
This Commission composed of about twenty industrials like Aerospatiale, EDF, ELF, Framatome, Sogreah, ... has to evaluate the methods and the courses of our option. 
In order to show them the specificities and the goals of the MFN option, we have to work on two different works :

  a slide show created with Power Point presenting the option by showing some of the works realised by the students since the creation of the option in 1995. 
This presentation will be showed on a PC during the lunch. We have chosen to present the option in three points :

  • the place of the MFN option in the INP of Toulouse
  • the great points of the option : MCIP, BEI, possibility of choose courses through works realised by students in these different courses
  • in what sort of companies are the previous students ?
  an html page presenting some interesting links to visit the option on Intranet. 
Indeed, the industrials will come in the stations room to see more precisely the works realised by students. This page will help them to go to the sites they have seen in the Power Point presentation or to discover other pages.

This task was very interesting and gratifying for us because we have had the opportunity to present our option in the way we wanted and that we think would be attractive for the industrials. Moreover, it was a good idea to present it by the point of view of the students themselves because we felt involved in the organisation of this Commission and we are waiting for the results !

You can see the Diaporama and the Intranet page at the following adresses :

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