Fluent users' manual


    The aim of this manual is to allow Fluent users to activate the two phases option.
This option should make possible the resolution of problem using solid-liquid phases.

I. Preface



You have to know at first that Fluent 05 can only simulate  solid-liquid problems and not liquid-gas or solid-liquid-gas.
This is a very important limitation that we have to mention.

Moreover, the type of materials is also limited: only problems with pure materials can be solved.
Thus, a very common and useful material as the water cannot be modeled.

II. Phase change setup

You have to run Fluent.
At first, you have to activate the energy option in the menu Define > Models > Energy...

a new window appears:

Select Enable Energy as shown above then select OK.

Now, in the window of Fluent, press the enter button of the keyboard, a list appear:

Then, always in the window of Fluent, write ' define' and press enter.
Write 'models' and press enter.
At last, write 'melt' and press enter.

Then, you have to confirm you want to activate phase change by writing 'yes' and pressing enter.
Then, Fluent creates a new material named liquid-solid and, for each material, three new properties (Melting Heat, Solidus Temperature and Liquidus Temperature).

III. New properties

Now, you can go in the menu Define > Materials...  to see the three new properties added at all materials.

Then, a new window appears with the properties of the materials and, at the end, the three new properties created.

Now, you have to define these new value to begin a simulation with two phases option.
Don't forget to change the fluid used in the menu Define > Boundary Conditions... and to put the material really used.