Ice injection

 II. Simulation

    The results obtained are the followings :

 1. Temperature

Hereunder is the temperature which seems to be physical, that is to say a quite small layer for the high temperature at the both sides of the pipe.

 2. Liquid fraction

    On this second graph, it is the liquid fraction. We can notice that the result is not very physical, this is due to the fact that the fraction is calculated with the temperature and can have only the values 0 or 1, and that the others colors on the graph are only interpolations. Thus, we can see such strange things.

    Nevertheless, we can see that the ice melts from the side of the pipe to the center. This is, of course, what was attempted.

        3. Velocity

However, a problem also exists with the velocity, indeed whereas the middle of the pipe is still ice, the result obtained for the velocity is parabolic, as shown below :

This caracteristic shows that the ice is treated as a fluid and not as a solid.