What we did during this session was very interesting in regards of a first attempt to test the VOF solver capabilities of Fluent at one hand, and on the other hand to apply our multi-phase course.
Concerning the VOF solver of Fluent, we have verified that the volumetric model of the interface produces diffusivity of the interface, but this phenomenon is characteristic of the VOF model. Another encountered problem is the difficulty to well set all the VOF options, particularly it is difficult to choose the scheme and to set the under relaxation parameters. Future sessions can go on this way.
But those encountered problems don't alterate Fluent's capabilities to find physical solution in certain case (see d=1cm case). We also noticed that the interfacial tension is well coded (see square bubble case).
We cannot conclude without underlining the fact that calculations are very very long. It is difficult to thread a calculation, after long hours waiting...

At last we have tried to modelise the Kelvin Helmoltz instability, but we haven't found time to well set the model. In our sense, it can be very attractive go on this case in future sessions.