The aim of this course was to learn how to handle two phase flows with FLUENT. As a matter of fact, Fluent is able to simulate a case where two different fluids are present in the same flow. The model used is called V.O.F. for Volume Of Fluid. Nonetheless, this is no more as easy as it used to be for one single fluid, and we will try to demonstrate that this kind of calculation is much more expensive than those we were used to.
So, it is not possible to launch a calculation without thinking about it, unless you want to put a one day long calculation in the trash!
The subject was open: We have choosen to illustrate the use of the VOF with a bubble made of air moving in a column of water, only because of the gravity (no velocity).
First, we will explain how to configure Fluent in order to take the particularities of two phase flows into account, and then we will expose our results. Eventually, we will compare what we got with the computer to what we were expecting according to the theory.