To start Star CD, copy the file star.csh in your home directory and source it.
Then type prostar in the command window.  You must choose the file to open or type a new name for the session.
It opens the Prostar window with the graphic interface and the STAR GUIde.

To compute a calculation, you can do it following the different steps of the STAR-GUIde (which opens at the same time that the Prostar window).

Here is a list about some points that you had to be very careful with :

Star CD only works on 3D geometry or "pseudo 3D".
It means that if you want to work on a 2D problem you have to define a dimension unit in the third dimension.
In the Create and Import Grids item, use Create Grids and then Create 2D Grids item. Begin with the button Generate 2-D Mesh to create the 2D geometry and then use Generate 3-D mesh from 2-D mesh.
  • You first define the boundary regions in the Locate Boundary chapter but you choose the parameters of these boundaries in the Define Boundary Condition chapter.

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