The hydrodynamics can be strongly affected by non newtonian characteristics such as viscoplasticity. Since industrial fluids are always non-newtonian, it is very imporatnt to be able to simulate and to resolve Navier-stokes equations with a non-constant viscosity.
        The aim of this task is the modelling of a couette flow of a viscoplastic fluid with StarCd.
        The simulation was perfomed with a 3D grid because StarCd is unable to use 2D grid. The heigh of the cylinder is 0.1 m, Ri is equal to 0.6 m and R to 1m.

         First, we have choosen the grid. Then a simulation with a non-newtonian fluid was perfomed. Finally, a file called Vismol.f was modified in order to simulate the model of Bingham.
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