Boundaries description
Once the mesh as been imported from GAMBIT, the next step was to create boundaries. To do this, the Star Guide was still used.

The way to do is explained below.

The symmetry

On the top and bottom sides, as the problem is 2D, the boundary conditions applied are symmetry. To do this, in the Star Guide click on Locate Boundaries, and then on Create Boundaries. Then choose the region, by using Surface Based on Edges for example, and select the type of boundary to apply.


The rotating wall

For this condition a problem appeared to select the region. Indeed, it seems that as the region was defined on only one cell, StarCD was unable to select it by using Surface Based on Edges. Thus, the wall was selected by using Pick Cell Faces.

To apply a rotation to the wall, by still using the Star Guide :

choose Define Boundary Conditions
click on Define Boundary Regions
You should see the following screen.

Then select the region you want to apply the speed to. Select the coordonate system and the rotation speed (Omega) which is given in rotation per minute (rpm).

On the following image, we can see the symmetries in dark blue and the rotating wall in light blue.