To use the subroutine formerly coded, we have to change an option in the Guide. We can see how to use it in the following screenshot.

Then we define a rotation speed that is supposed to give a transition flow, ie between no movement and a "normal" flow corresponding to a viscosity almost constant, ie high constraints. We choose a value of Omega that is suppose to fit these conditions.

Unfortunately, we couldn't observe a change in the velocity profile as expected. This can be due to the fact the the break in the viscosity has not been "captured" in this experiment.

Concretely, we cannot say if the results obtained are due to a the fact that the non Newtonian model is not working (for several possible reason, from code bug or missing option...) or if we were not able to see its effects.
Unfortunately, we really lacked time to finish this project.

Alea jacta est.