Compression - Relaxation

        The objectif is now to use StarCD in the case of a compression/Relaxation, this part presents the developpement of a shock on a rampe followed by a flat surface.

        We considered a two-dimension domain, 6m long and 2 m wide, with a ramp at 10 degres.

Mesh structure

        The mesh was generated on Gambit and then imported on StarCD.

        The domain is composed of

Finally there is one cell on Z direction.
The size of the cells is 0.05 m.

Simulation on StarCD

The settings of the simulations are similar to the one for the compression ramp.

Mach number





As for the simulation with the single ramp, a shock appears at the bottom of the ramp.
The ratios are similar to the ones presented for the compression (part1).
Then the flow encounters a diverging domain, so it gets relaxeted, and we can observe a beam of relaxation.
The beam  is  still pretty thick with the studied meshing.
After the relaxation we go back to the initial conditions in temperature, density and pressure.

Have a look at the next page for mesh improvements