In this study, we created the geometry for the burner using geometry construction method in GAMBIT. We used for meshing the unstructured
hexahedral mesh.
In this tutorial we learnt how to : To complete this study you have to read before the GAMBIT using guide, to familiarise with the GAMBIT interface.

    Problem Description

The geometry consists of modeling a combustion chamber. We modeled  only one quarter of the burner geometry, because of the symmetry of
the geometry.


  • Geometry

  • We created the combustion chamber geometry using the predefined volumes(cylinder,bricks) and play with boolean operations  to unite,
    intersect and substract to obtain the basics geometry. We used too the blend command to give a more rounded shape. After this step we created two small volumes inside the chamber, and we split these three volumes to be mesh individually.
  • Meshing

  • In this study we using the Cooper tool to mesh the chamber. The Cooper tool requires two group of faces, one parallel to the sweep path and the other group perpendicular to this direction.This the reason we created the two small volumes and we split them. We have to choose the main direction for the Coopeer meshing , the geometry is in the z direction and most of  faces are perpendicular to this direction, z should be chosen as the main diection.We could then meshed individually the three volumes.

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