MCIP A : Report on Gambit

Sylvie Champeaux  (mfn03)
Perrine Guillo (mfn06)

The aim of the IGAM task was to write a simple manual for the mesher Gambit, producted by the Fluent Incorporated.  This manual must be rapidly understood and easily used to create a simple mesh, for example for the second year hands-on Code de Calcul on Fluent.

Gambit was already installed on the computers, the first problem being to find the correct and complete instruction to open it. At this point, we tried to discover Gambit using Fluent Inc. documents such as Gambit tutorial guide or Gambit user's guide. Through examples already done in those manuals, we discovered Gambit step by step by doing again those examples. At this point, the work was divided into two groups. Our group was supposed to write a manual whereas the other group had to present more complicated examples of meshing using Gambit. We made the first part of the work.

  Our manual is made for beginners in Gambit. We divided this manual into the following parts:

Start Gambit
Define a geometry Mesh the model
Set the boundary conditions
Save the session and exit
It is clear that this manual is very simple and useful for the first sessions. Nevertheless, Gambit is easy to discover by yourself so this manual just gives some keys to start. But it is very interesting for us to do this work because we had had to understand this new software and moreover, knowing that the manual will be used at least by the second-year students was also a great motivation.

Have a look to the GAMBIT manual on the Intranet : file:/logiciels-mfn/INTRANET/optmfn/micp/manuals/manuals.htm