Installing Jadim.


         What is Jadim :

Jadim is a code solving the Navier-Stockes equations (uncompressible, unstable and tridimensionnal) and the advection-diffusion of a passive scalar on a orthogonal curved mesh. The equations are written in primitive variables (Speed and pressure) and are solved with the finite volumes method. The schemes used give to the code a second-order precision in time and in space due to an advance on time of a third-order Runge-Kutta type and a semi-implicit  (a Crank-Nicholson type) resolution of the diffusive terms.
Jadim allows :
a LES simulation using an under-mesh model qualified of "mixt-dynamic".
a two-phase flow calculation of a VOF type on a fixed mesh.
a Lagrangien vision of the flow.

General installation :

Installing Jadim is quite basic. First you have to download the source code, as well as the basic usage files and the mesh generator. They are in ForTran 77, compilable on any machine having a fortran compiler. To compile Jadim, edit the Makefile, choose the right options for the compiler, and then "make" it. The only choice that has to be made is which option are to be chosen for the compiler.

Installing Jadim on a single processor computer (Sun Ultra Spark 1; SGI Origin 2000 with one processor used)

The lines to add at the beginning of the Makefile are :

Sun :

FORT = f77
FLAG_OPT = -dbl -fast


FORT = f77
FLAG_OPT = -n32 -r8 -Ofast =IP27 -static -r12000

-r8 ;-dbl : use long reals.
-r12000 : specifies the processor used
-static : allocates all the memory from the beginning, to avoid memory problems.

extract of man page :
-fast; -Ofast =IP27
    Optimize for speed of execution using a selection of options.
    Select the combination of options that optimizes for speed of execution without excessive compilation time. This option provides close to the maximum performance for many realistic applications.

Installing Jadim on a multi-processor computer (SGI Origin 2000, 2 or more processors)

The lines to add at the beginning of the Makefile are :

FORT = f77
FLAG_OPT = -n32 -r8 -Ofast=IP27 -static -mips4 -IPA (-apo)

-apo : automatic parallelisation, used here until the source code of Jadim is optimized for parallel computing.
-mips4 : allows message passing
-IPA : allows parallelizing of subroutines.
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