Scalar tests on a single example.

    The first test done with Jadim was to compare its speed on one of the CICT's SGI Origin 2000, and one of ENSEEIHT's Sun Ultra Spark 1 station. The details of the performances of these two computers is available at the Standar Performance Evaluation Corporation  homepage.  The exact results published for this machine are available here : Sun Ultra 1, SGI O2000.
    These analysis conclude that the Origin 2000 using one processor goes around 3.16 times faster then the Sun.

Compiling Jadim on both platforms using the -fast option as well as all the speed optimisation leads to a user time of 25.99s for the SGI supercalculator, and 126s for the Sun workstation, that is 4.84 times faster. The difference between the spec report and our result is probably due to the kind of calculation done.
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