The multiphase flow modeling is one of the most important problems in the chemical industry. Indeed most of the reactors, heat exchangers, distillation colums and other unit operations  work with at least two fluids. Moreover, the study of this kind of operation is very tough because of the presence of an undetermined number of inclusions and their influence on each other and on the continuous phase.  FLUENT, a software package for modeling fluid flow and heat transfer in complex geometries provides several models for multiphase flow:
  1. The Discrete Phase Model
  2. The Volume of Fluid (VOF) Model
  3. The Cavitational Model
  4. The Algebraic Slip Mixture Model

        We decided to focus our attention on the Discrete Phase Model (DPM). This model uses an Eulerian approach to calculate the continuous phase and a Lagrangian particle tracking to calculate the discrete phase.

        This study is composed of modelings of a bubble column, whose fluids are water for the continuous phase and nitrogen for the discrete. Its design comes from an experimental set up developped at IMFT.