Free Surface Flows simulations with Telemac (FSFT)

Authors : M.M. Maubourguet, J. Chorda

Objective : The aim of this course is to study free surface flows in fluvial and maritime applications  using TELEMAC-2D (EDF-DER-LNH). This code solves Saint-Venant equations which are non linear hyperbolic partial differential equations.
The principal objective is to test different schemes and analyse sensibility to different numerical parameters such as time and space steps and to test several linear system resolution methods available in this code.
Duration : one session

Working plan :

week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4
 week 5  
week 6
* **
** ** **

Deliverables :

several manuals to use the different modules.

Bibliography :

 User's guide and technical notes  of Matisse, Rubens, Telemac2D, Subief, etc ...

Pedagogical interest:

Use of a free surface flow industrial code.

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